The Potential

Fields Corner Community
Fields Corner has long been a dynamic and diverse neighborhood, with a sustained history of welcoming many waves of new immigrants to the city of Boston. These multiple cultures and experiences have converged and overlapped, creating a rich collective narrative that draws from the Irish, African-American, Cape Verdean, Caribbean, Jewish and Vietnamese communities.

For residents from all backgrounds, the neighborhood’s strategic location on key public transportation circuits has historically been a large draw. Almost immediately after the City of Boston’s full annexation of Dorchester in 1870, Fields Corner became one of the nation’s first ‘streetcar’ suburbs. The newly installed transportation infrastructure spurred transit oriented development with residential settlement oriented around the neighborhood’s new connectivity to central Boston. Businesses opened along Dorchester Avenue to cater to increased commuter traffic. The opening of the Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority (MBTA) Red Line station at Fields Corner in 1927 further connected the neighborhood to the city.

Fields Corner today is a demographically diverse community with a strong network of institutions. It hosts a vibrant business community that serves the immediate neighborhood and the greater Boston. With over xx businesses, a very active main streets organization, over xx Vietnamese businesses in the extended area, and numerous community institutions, Fields Corner has all the seeds of a vibrant neighborhood with a strong social infrastructure.

One if the greatest assets of Fields Corner and the backbone to sustainable development is the accessibility and mobility that the Fields Corner T stop, recently renovated in 2005, provides. Working families living in Fields Corner can easily access the city’s employment zones. A person leaving in Fields Corner can access almost any part of the city and its employment zones in less than 30 minutes.

30 minutes access to Commercial and Employment areas from Fields Corner using public transportation (Data extracted from

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