Hiring Teachers for the 2014 VSPY Summer Program

va nguyenmh01If you love working with children and have or want to gain experience teaching, then working with Viet-AID’s Scholarly Program for Youth may be the perfect summer opportunity for you!
We are thrilled to announce that we are hiring for the fifth year of our summer camp for youth ages 6-14! This year we will serve over ninety children from the Field’s Corner community and Boston’s greater Vietnamese community. We provide academic instruction every morning followed by daily clubs, field trips, and outdoor activities during the six weeks of camp. We are seeking enthusiastic and motivated individuals to join our team for a memorable and exciting summer.

Staff Training: June 30th – July 5th (except July 4th)
Program Dates: July 7th – August 15th
Hours: M-F; 8:00am – 5:00pm, plus 5 additional hours per week for lesson planning and staff meetings, as well as one overnight camping trip
Payment: Stipend of $3,500 for 7 week summer commitment
Location: 42 Charles St., Dorchester MA, 02122

Teacher Requirements & Job Description

General Overview:

All VSPY Teachers will be responsible for leading a group of 13 children from a particular grade-level throughout the summer. Teachers will provide instructions in the mornings on a specific subject (ELA and math are taught every day and other subjects such as science and humanities are taught on a rotating schedule) then take their group to field trips, clubs, and outdoor activities in the afternoon. Teachers will prepare clubs and afternoon activities on topics s/he chooses. Past examples include Cooking Club, Dancing Club, Poetry Club, Detective Club, and Japanese Club, but teachers are encouraged to share any hobby, talent or interest in which they wish to engage our youth. Every group will also have two assistants: one in the morning classroom, and the other in the afternoon activities. These are high school students who Teachers will work very closely with and must provide them with supervision and meaningful opportunities. Teachers are responsible for ensuring a safe, nurturing, positive and FUN experience for all youth in the program. There will be pre-camp training, lesson planning time, weekly meetings, and staff events in addition to on-going support throughout the summer to guarantee a positive experience not just for our students but for our Teachers as well.
See details on following pages for more expectations and responsibilities as a VSPY Teacher.

I. Providing a safe, positive and nurturing environment
a. VSPY implements a Positive Behavior Intervention and Supports system that must be followed by all staff.
b. Teachers must maintain the VSPY Classroom Philosophy that encourages curiosity and freedom to explore topics in which the students are interested.
c. Teachers must uphold the highest safety precautions at all times, including but not limited to, providing students with direct instruction on safety procedures, re-teaching as necessary, and holding groups back from activities if they are not safe.

II. Morning Teaching
a. Teachers will design and implement curriculum with the support of Viet-AID staff that aligns with Common Core standards.
b. Each morning Teachers will lead three 45 minute classes on an academic subject.
c. Teachers will support their class in designing an educational group project.

III. Afternoon Teaching/ Counselor
a. Each afternoon, Teachers will assigned to one group of students and will oversee their activities
b. Three days a week, teachers will lead the group on field trips across the city, ensuring the safety of the children and ensuring that experiences are fun and educational
c. Two afternoons per week, teachers will lead the group in clubs (soccer, art, chess, music, dance etc). Teachers will be responsible for designing activities for clubs.
d. Four days per week, teachers will be responsible for supervising recreational activities in and around the community center including trips to the public library, gym, and swimming pool.

IV. Supporting teen counselors
a. Teen counselors will be employed by the program to assist teachers in both the morning and afternoon components of the program
b. Teachers will help the teen counselors fulfill job duties and will act as supportive mentors to them.
c. Teachers will allow the teen counselors to have a role in shaping the quality of the program.

V. Training
a. Teachers will be expected to participate in approximately ten hours of pre-training activities after they are hired but before the end of the school year (May-June)
b. All teachers will participate in a week of intensive training prior to starting camp.
c. During this training week, teachers are expected to plan out their summer curriculum and to work closely with Viet-AID staff.
d. Continuing staff meetings and trainings will be held throughout the summer to address the changing needs of Teachers.

VI. Additional Commitments
a. Teachers will oversee breakfast meal time with their group of children.
b. Teachers will assist in operating the pick-up and drop-off process.
c. Teachers are expected to attend certain events outside of camp time including, but not limited to, parent orientation, staff meetings, final show, check-ins with Viet-AID staff, etc.
d. Teacher are required to attend an overnight camping trip.
e. Teachers will generally assist the program director in the administration of the program and will be expected to perform duties outside of their direct classroom commitments.

VII. Experience
a. Applicant MUST love working with youth.
b. Formal teaching experience is not a requirement for this position
c. Must meet one of the following EEC requirements for a group leader:
i. Bachelor’s or associate’s degree and three months of experience working with school-age children.
ii. High school diploma or equivalent, and have six months of experience working with school age children
d. Applicants are not expected to have knowledge of Vietnamese language or cultures, but are expected to be interested in learning more and will be expected to act in a culturally appropriate manner. Vietnamese and Cape Verdean language skills are considered favorably.
e. Once hired, staff must submit all required paperwork and documentation to youth coordinator in a timely manner, including documentation of a physical exam, immunization records and documentation of work experience.

Applications are considered on a rolling basis.
To apply, please send a cover letter and resume to Marisa Imôn at marisa@vietaid.org