The Community Investment Tax Credit (CITC)

How It Works

The Massachusetts Community Investment Tax Credit (CITC) provides a 50% state tax credit for donations to selected certified Community Development Corporations. VietAID is one of these CDCs. If the credit exceeds the taxpayer’s liability, then the state issues a refund to the taxpayer.

The Massachusetts Department of Housing and Community Development (DHCD) selected 36 CDCs and two Community Support Organizations to participate in the CITC program in 2014 through a competitive process that selected organizations with the best proposals and proven track records of sustained high mission performance. VietAID received tax credits in 2014 and 2015.

Benefit to Donors

• Individuals, Corporations and Nonprofits can participate
• 50% MA tax credit; excess state tax credit is also refundable
• Eligible for federal charitable tax deduction
• Supporting the donors’ choice of worthy cause: VietAID

Benefit to the Community

VietAID is building a strong Vietnamese American community and transforming Fields Corner into a vibrant, diverse neighborhood. We promote civic engagement and community building, develop affordable housing and commercial space, offer high-quality child care services, and provide small business technical assistance and micro-enterprise development.

Some of our recent accomplishments include:
• Our bilingual early childcare program expanded last year into newly renovated classrooms, allowing us to enroll 20 more children.
• All students in our afterschool program advanced to the next grade level, 97% showed improvements in their academics, and 95% completed their homework on time last year.
• We recently started construction on our first major housing and commercial development project since 2012, the Four Corners / Upper Washington Project.

Every $1,000 you donate will support a preschool child to receive 77 days of high-quality early childcare and education in two languages. Or it will support a student to attend our summer camp to learn and grow in a safe environment where they feel comfortable, accepted, and challenged. Your generosity also will allow families and seniors in need of housing to have quality homes near public transportation. Please join us in building a stronger community.

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VietAID’s Community Investment Plan

For a summary of VietAID’s CITC Community Investment Plan, click here

More Information

If you would like to donate or have questions about the program, please contact SarahEmily Lekberg, Director of Development, or Evelyn Darling, Director of Community Development, at 617-822-3717.

For more information on the CITC program, see the Massachusetts Association of Community Development Corporations’ website or the Massachusetts Executive Office of Housing and Economic Development’s website