Free Vision Service on Nov. 15, 2014

EyeNetra Eye Service Flyer -EngHow it works

The vision screening occurs through the NETRA-G, a smart-phone based vision diagnostic hardware developed at MIT. With the supervision of a fully trained Visioneer, the client operates the NETRA-G simply by looking through the binocular-like device and aligning red/green lines at various angles. The device automatically outputs client’s refractive errors (spherical power, cylindrical power, axis of astigmatism, and inter-pupillary distance) which are measurements from which eyeglass prescriptions are written. The NETRA-G does not emit any laser radiation and is non-invasive, making it as safe as traditional refractometers used by optometrists to perform screenings at regular optometry shops.

Should the client require vision correction, EyeNetra will order and cover the cost of a complete pair of glasses for client, and deliver them to VietAID within 3 to 4 weeks. Upon delivery, EyeNetra will perform a quick vision test to verify the improvement in the client’s vision with the new glasses. The client will be asked to take a 1-minute verbal survey regarding how he/she feels about the experience. EyeNetra will also provide a written copy of the client’s updated vision prescription that can be legally filled at any eyewear distributor.


Please note that EyeNetra are not testing for current and previous medical conditions, and will not detect or treat vision disorders beyond refractive errors. EyeNetra are unable to screen the client if he/she has had eye or brain surgery, including Lasik, and/or is experiencing medical conditions that require specialized eye care from an optometrist. EyeNetra offer this free vision screening service to individuals ages 12 and older.

Risks & Discomforts

There are no known significant risks associated with the vision screening, and any minimal discomforts are the same as in a subjective experience of looking through a viewfinder for a period of 5 to 10 minutes. The entire vision screening process takes no more than 20 minutes.


Clinical, technical, and demographic information will be collected if the client agrees to participate in this vision screening. The client’s personal information and medical records will be kept confidential within the limitations of state and federal law. 


Click here for video of vision exam device