Job Posting: Web Developer/Designer

Request for Proposals – Seeking Services for Website Developer/Designer

Intro / Project Overview — The Vietnamese American Initiative for Development (VietAID) is looking for a web developer with design capacity to help us design and develop a new organizational website that it is more user-friendly and aesthetically appealing than our current site  (current website: We are a relatively small nonprofit looking for a simple website with approximately 25 pages. We are aiming to keep the budget for this project around $3,000-$4,000. The deadline for submission of proposals is June 15th. Once we identify a designer, we hope to complete the website in the subsequent 6-8 weeks.

Company Overview — VietAID is a certified community development corporation based in Dorchester, MA. We provide a suite of social services to community residents, including a childcare center, an afterschool program, a summer program, a youth leadership development program, and housing counseling. We additionally have developed and currently manage several affordable housing developments in the neighborhood. We are based out of the Vietnamese American Community Center together with several other social services organizations.

Your Audience — We have several audiences that we would like this website to attract. First, our community members who currently utilize or might want to utilize our services. In order to meet the needs of this audience, we would like the website to be easy to navigate, to have relevant information about the services we provide, and to update our constituents on the daily activities of the organization. Our other primary audience will be our donors. We would like the website to present our organization professionally and clearly so that both current and potential donors can understand quickly what services we provide, the successes of our organization, and the value that we bring to our community.

New Website Objectives — The primary objective of this project is to revamp our website so that it looks more professional and is easier to use. We want people who are interested in accessing our services to be able to navigate the site, learn about our services, and contact us. We also want to make a good impression on potential donors so that they see our organization as well established and a good investment.

Current Website — Our current website was developed many years ago and is in desperate need of an upgrade. Currently, it sits on a WordPress platform in the layout of a blog, which makes it difficult to navigate and confusing. We also have too many separate pages, many of which aren’t really relevant anymore. A lot of the information itself is outdated and needs to be updated. Overall, it is not an aesthetically appealing site.

New Website Functionality Requirements

  • Translated version: We will want a translated version of our site in Vietnamese (done by our translators in house) and the ability to switch easily between the two sites; this is currently done by having two accounts for separate content uploads. In viewer mode, it can be easily switched by a language link.
  • Donations: We want the option for people to donate online with the button placed strategically so that it is easy to see.
  • Features link: We will also want a News section in the form of a rolling blog, with capacity for archiving. We’d like for the News section to be a separate page and for linking capacity between it and the Home page, where news updates can be featured as is relevant.
  • Calendar: We’d like to add in an interactive calendar to allow us to update viewers on upcoming events or deadlines with links to the event page with more details.
  • Mobile capacity: We would like clear transfer of the website to mobile devices.
  • Navigation (admin): We need easy to use functions for uploading a variety of images and files, including newsletters, photos, and possibly video. As a whole, we need the admin functionalities to be easy to navigate. We’d prefer for the website to be hosted on a platform that allows for tech support if necessary.
  • Navigation (users): Overall, the website is very cluttered. It is often difficult to sort through information. We want a minimalistic website that can be intuitively navigated.

New Website Wish List Logo re-design: We’re in the process of revamping our branding and as apart of that process, we’d like to explore redesigning our logo.

Budget Details — Our initial budget for this project is $3,000-$4,000.

Proposal Requirements — Please include a resume and a portfolio with relevant experience. We would also like to see a 1-2 page proposal that outlines the series of steps you envision taking to complete this project, the project timeline, and the specific input you will need from our organization’s staff. Please include any additional requirements you anticipate including in your contract. Please email with requested materials.

RFP & Project Timeline Details — The deadline for submission of proposals is June 15th. Once we identify a designer, we hope to complete the website in the subsequent 6-8 weeks.



42nd Anniversary of April 30th



We want to commemorate April 30th as the 42nd anniversary of the Fall of Saigon. For the Vietnamese community, there are a variety of perspectives and meanings of and about this historical day. For us here at VietAID, this day is a reminder of the community we serve and the ongoing commitment we have to the Vietnamese American diaspora. We acknowledge and thank our community for their resilience in building a new home together in a new land.