ESOL Classes

VACA Registration for ESOL Classes 

Students participate in Level 1 memory games.

Students participate in Level 1 memory games.

VACA will hold registration dates, which will include a screening test to place students into the correct levels. See below for dates.

Registration: Open to ALL students at ALL levels

August 4th–9AM-11AM

August 5th–6PM-8PM

August 6th–5PM-7PM

Classes are held on Monday-Thursday at the Vietnamese American Community Center at 42 Charles St. Dorchester, MA 02122 . For questions please contact 617-822-3717 x18.

Level 1 Class Tuesday and Thursday 9AM-11AM——Free*

Level 1 Class Monday and Wednesday 6PM-8PM—-Free*

Level 2 Class Tuesday and Thursday 6PM-8PM—-$75/Cycle

*Free classes are provided due to an English for New Bostonians (ENB) grant


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