Afterschool Teaching Positions Open at VietAID

Viet-AID’s Scholarly Program for Youth (V-SPY)
Afterschool Teacher Job Description

About the organization: The Vietnamese American Initiative for Development (Viet-AID) was founded in 1994 by community leaders and residents who believed that a community development corporation would provide comprehensive economic development programs and services to alleviate poverty and advance civic participation in the Fields Corner Vietnamese community of Dorchester. Viet-AID’s mission is to build a strong Vietnamese community and a vibrant Fields Corner through the following measures: promoting civic engagement and community building; developing affordable housing and commercial space; providing small business technical assistance and micro-enterprise development; and offering high quality child care services.

Program Description: Viet-AID is running an after-school youth program, V-SPY, for seventy five students in grades one through eight in the 2013-2014 school year. Students are identified as at-risk by partner elementary and middle schools. The program is located in the Vietnamese-American Community Center at 42 Charles St. in Boston’s Dorchester neighborhood, and students come from immigrant communities in Dorchester. We are looking for dynamic, excited people to teach our students—as a member of this year’s program, you will have a critical role in shaping the program for years to come. The after-school program provides academic lessons, homework help, recreation, and enrichment activities to students each day.

Requirements/Skills: After-School teachers will hold a high school diploma or equivalent, preferably with college enrollment or degree in field related to education or child care. Experience working with school-aged children is required, and classroom teaching experience is preferred. Knowledge of the Dorchester community and Vietnamese culture is strongly preferred, and ability to work in a culturally sensitive manner with diverse communities is required. Knowledge of Vietnamese, Spanish, or Cape Verdean Creole language also preferred.

Job Responsibilities:
I. Training: All teachers will participate in training prior to the start of the program during the week of September 16th, and will be required to attend continuing staff meetings and trainings held on a monthly basis throughout the year to address changing needs of the program and its students.
II. Academics: Each day, teachers will be responsible for formal and informal academic instruction in a large-group format. Teachers will implement curriculum with the support of Viet-AID staff that aligns with Common Core learning standards. Teachers will assist with homework daily.
III. Enrichment and Recreation Activities: Each day, teachers will also supervise recreational and enrichment activities. Teachers will be responsible for planning activities and ensuring that
they are safe and age-appropriate. Teachers will also accompany and chaperone students on off-site trips (library, gym, pool, etc.).
IV. Safety and Discipline: Teachers will be responsible for overseeing the behavior of students, ensuring that all activities are safe and appropriate. They will also be responsible for implementing discipline in an appropriate manner that follows the program’s positive behavior intervention and support system.
V. Supervising volunteers and teen employees: The after-school program will have volunteers and/or high school employees who will be under the supervision of teachers. Teachers will be responsible for helping them fulfill job duties and acting as supportive mentors, allowing them to have a role in shaping the quality of the program. Teachers will be expected to communicate regularly with the volunteer supervisor to ensure that all of our high school staff/volunteers are receiving adequate supports to help guarantee their success as a teaching assistant and to provide them with a positive and rewarding experience.
VI. Additional Responsibilities: Teachers will oversee snack and break times to ensure student safety. Teachers are expected to attend certain events outside of program time including, but not limited to, open houses, monthly staff meetings, family events, check-ins with the Youth Program Manager, field trips, etc. Teachers will generally assist the Youth Program Manager in the administration of the program and will be expected to perform duties outside of their direct classroom commitments.

Job Hours and Dates:
The program will take place from September 23, 2013-June 13, 2014 on days when Boston Public Schools are in session from 3:00-6:00pm, and training for teachers will begin the week of September 16th. Teachers will work three to five days per week, depending on staffing and availability. At the time of hiring, staff will commit to working for the fall semester at a set schedule. After-school teachers will be paid $10-$12 per hour depending on experience and responsibilities.

Applications Accepted on a Rolling Basis; Priority Deadline is September 9th
To apply, please send a resume and cover letter stating your interest in the position, relevant experience, and dates of availability to Marisa Imôn at or by fax at 617-822-3718.

First Official Public Meeting of The Boston Vietnamese-American Council (BVAC): Thursday, August 29, 2013

Our First Official Public BVAC Meeting is Thursday, August 29, 2013

The Boston Vietnamese-American Council (BVAC) is a community-based group created in response to the fast growing population and demand for stronger community involvement of Vietnamese-Americans in the greater Boston area. BVAC will promote the social, economic, cultural, educational, and political advancement of the Vietnamese community in Massachusetts.

BVAC members will serve as advocates for the Vietnamese community via networking and community engagement to seek greater access to resources from government and nongovernmental programs and entitlements.

Current BVAC members are those who are actively engaged in local communities. We have different experiences and contributions, but we have one thing in common, that is the voluntary spirit in building a stronger Vietnamese community.

Some of the proposed issues to be added to our agenda for 2013 are:

1. Encourage the Vietnamese to engage in the re-establishment of the Fields Corner Civic Association in order for the Vietnamese community to have a voice in decisions related to Fields Corner, where the Vietnamese population is most concentrated in Boston
2. Advocate for Vietnamese immigrants who need job-training skills and workplace bilingual education
3. Create a Boston Vietnamese-American Political Action Committee (BVAPAC) to actively participate in the politics that affect our well-being

The Steering Committee of BVAC respectfully invites you to join us at our first official meeting scheduled for 6:00 p.m. on Thursday, August 29, 2013 at our BVAC office located on 1157 Dorchester Ave, 2nd floor, Dorchester. Please call and tell us whether you plan to attend this historic meeting and let your voice be heard on behalf of our community. Call us now at 617-794-4642 or email us at