90.5% of our Au Co students graduate from our program and are prepared to start kindergarten

71% of VSPY students felt their academics improved through our program, 78% felt connected to the community, and 81% felt more connected to their family and valued their education more

Youth leadership is overcoming the barriers of other expectations and taking initiative for whatever you believe in regardless of age. [After a year with VALA] I’m less afraid of speaking up – back then I would never say anything because I thought no one would listen, but now I’m willing to speak publicly.

– Ano, VALA student

Being part of VietAID has changed my life and I grew up with the program… Through all of my experiences with VietAID, I gained many skills such as leadership, responsibility, time management, and organization, as well as communication. Most importantly, as a young person, I learned how to make changes in my own life and in my community. Thank you to VietAID, I was able to find a place where I feel like I truly belong.

– Hung, VALA alum, currently a student a UMass Amherst

VietAID professionally manages 123 affordable rental and homeownership housing units that provide affordable and quality housing to over 135 families and individuals.

VietAID has assisted over 400 families through housing counseling programs and certified approximately 633 limited English proficient individuals in our ten-hour workshops.