VietAID participates in and hosts a number of events throughout the year, recognizing that the celebration of a variety of occasions are key to building a sense of unity and belonging within the community. Some of these include: Tết, the Vietnamese Lunar New Year; Dorchester Day Parade; and many more. In addition to VietAID led events, we also collaborate with a wide range of community organizations and partners to help broaden our reach in engagement. We participate through various means such as being part of other hosted events or community meetings. Some of these include: a Tết Talk at the Museum of Fine Arts; Love Your Block (a city-wide clean-up initiative); and more.

Beyond cultural celebrations and community service, VietAID is committed to promoting social justice and advocating for and with community members on a number of issues. Over the years, our organization has led canvassing efforts for increased civic engagement, engaged in actions against displacement, and supported many other movements that impact our community.

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