Since 2004, VietAID has played a leading role in bringing together university researchers, public agencies such as the Boston Public Health Commission, non-profit health centers to conduct research to identify health effects of chemicals used in nail products and unsafe practices used by nail salons; develop and deliver training to educate nail salon workers about health hazards as well as to provide technical assistance and support to help nail salon owners navigate different requirements by various government agencies and to adopt green business practices; and to advocate for regulations to protect health and safety of the workers and owners.

In 2009, VietAID, in partnership with the Boston Public Health Commission, produced two videos for their Safe Nail Salons Project called “Safe Nail Salons: Keeping You and Your Clients Healthy.” The videos, with subtitles in both Vietnamese and English, were posted on YouTube and have since gotten close to 6,000 hits. The videos touch on topics from skin exposure and inhalation to problems that can arise from improper ventilation and handling of chemicals used in the salon.