As a community development corporation, VietAID’s primary goal is to contribute to the positive development and support of our community. One way we have worked to achieve this goal is by building affordable housing developments and managing them in perpetuity to create stability among housing offerings in the community. VietAID has developed four significant, mixed-use affordable housing projects, all of which are located within a half-mile radius of public transportation in Dorchester. We professionally manage 123 affordable rental and homeownership housing units that provide affordable and quality housing to over 135 families and individuals. VietAID works with the real estate company, Trinity Management, to match interested renters with these one-, two-, and three-bedroom apartments. We help applicants navigate low-income housing credits (LIHC) and the Massachusetts Rental Voucher Program (MVRP).

Over the past several years, VietAID has also been implementing a transit-oriented development (TOD) strategy that links together real estate development, small business development, civic engagement, and asset development to build a thriving, diverse, and sustainable Fields Corner community. This comprehensive strategy included the following:

  • Building 123 units of high-density, “green” housing that provides mixed-income housing to low and moderate income families—giving these families a good alternative to driving and access to employment opportunities as well as expanding the customer base to support neighborhood businesses.
    Developing 8,000 square feet of commercial and community space in partnership with key stakeholders, including Boston Main Streets organizations.
  • Helping low-income families improve their income as well as accumulate and expand family wealth by educating 250-300 prospective homebuyers/homeowners on the home-buying process and homeownership, assisting 40-50 graduates in purchasing their first homes, and assisting 100 homeowners to access resources to retrofit or repair their homes. For more information, see our page about Housing Counseling.
  • Encouraging Vietnamese immigrants to play an active and leadership role in the planning and implementation of safety, cleanup, and beautification initiatives, we will improve public safety and quality of life for all neighborhood residents.
  • Creating a robust housing pipeline resulting in one real estate project every two years and shortening the timeframe from feasibility to construction to three years per project by using a new financing model.

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