Our Goals

Building on past successes and lessons learned, over the next five years Viet-AID seeks to:

Develop high-density, green housing around the Fields Corner T Station that provides mixed-income options for low- and moderate- income families. A sustainable transit oriented development will meet the needs of alternative to driving transportation options, will increase accessibility to employment opportunities, and will expand the community’s customer base to support neighborhood businesses

Assist community members accumulate and expand family wealth through sustainable business and home ownership opportunities.
Engage formerly disengaged community members, including Vietnamese immigrants and long-term residents, by planning and implementing a community mobilization initiative to build a vibrant, diverse and sustainable Fields Corner community.

Equity Goals: (i) New affordable housing units will be available for low-income and minority residents; (ii) Fields Corner and Vietnamese residents will be provided with access to housing opportunity, which will help combat race, ethnicity, and income segregation; (iii) Minority small business owners and homebuyers will have increased resources to build wealth for future generations.

Sustainability Goals: (i) Viet Aid will redevelop previously developed, polluted and brownfield sites into housing or mixed-use developments; (ii) New housing projects will use healthier building materials and energy efficient building technologies; (iii) Affordable housing developments will be located within 1/2 mile of transit stations; (iv) Viet Aid will retrofit/weatherize old homes and commercial buildings ; and (v) Viet Aid will assist neighborhood businesses – especially nail salons – to adopt green business practices.

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