The work that we do at VietAID has been made possible over the years through collaborative community efforts, which include funding from a variety of resources. It has been in large part to generous donors and sponsors that we are able to continue to do programming and serve our community. Any contribution is appreciated and if you are interested in making a positive impact, please visit the following link or scroll down for more information.
Note: VietAID is a registered 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. All contributions are tax-deductible.

Funding goes to a number of programming types including: childcare; youth programs; affordable real estate development; housing, economic, and community engagement; and overhead and general and administrative costs. Below, you can find a breakdown of where our funds are allocated. Funding is often matched and applied to the areas where they are needed the most. If you are interested in donating to a particular program area, you can specify in your contribution or email for more information.

VietAID Program Expenditures

Child Care41%
Youth Programs (VSPY & VALA)15%
Affordable Real Estate Development12%
Housing & Economic & Community Engagement14%

Community Investment Tax Credit

The Massachusetts Community Investment Tax Credit (CITC) provides a 50% state tax credit to donors who contribute to selected certified Community Development Corporations (CDCs). The Massachusetts Department of Housing and Community Development (DHCD) selected VietAID to participate in the CITC program in 2014 through a competitive process that selected organizations with the best proposals and proven track records of sustained, high-quality performance.

How it works:

  • Individuals, corporations, and nonprofits can participate
  • Donations are eligible for federal charitable tax deduction AND a state tax credit equal to 50% of the donation amount
  • Donors are able to impact organizations at more than twice the level of their giving amount
Tax Saving Example
$1,000 Minimum Donation
Initial Donation$1000
Community Investment Tax Credit$500
Federal Tax Deduction (35%)$175
Total Tax Savings$675
Final Out-of-Pocket Donation$325
Situations vary. Consult your tax advisor.

If you are interested in making a $1,000 or more donation to VietAID through the CITC program, please email for additional information about registering with the CITC system.